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Spoken English IELTS Training Mngmnt Training personality Development
Spoken English
In the era of globalization and the spread of multinational companies English language has become the most accepted way of communication and it has become necessity of each and every individual who want to achieve their goals. We have designed our Spoken English module as per the need of an hour. Our module is gaining popularity among many youngsters because of its utility in their career development.
Introduction to English Language
  • Idiom & Phrases
  • nspirational thoughts
  • Refrence books for Corporate Level English
  • Knowledge about words
  • Formation of Sentences
  • Parts of Speech
  • Tenses
  • Auxiliaries
  • Articles
  • Role Play
  • English Movies Conversation
  • Introduction to English Novels & Movies
  • World View (Different Countries-Culture-Language and Climate)
Group Discussion
  • Current Affairs
  • Socio-Economic Issues
  • Pronunciation
  • Talent explore, Skills, Leadership Qualities
Seminars on
  • Importance of colors
  • Numbers
  • Astrology
  • Hand-Writing
  • Nature
  • Meditation
  • Energy
  • Life Style (How to remain happy in all Circumstances)
  • Use of English language with perfection,
  • Breaking the shackles of hesitation
  • Removes the Stage fear
  • Develops confidence to speak in public
  • Developing Professional Attitude.
IELTS: Tests the complete range of English language skills which will be commonly encountered by students when studying in the medium of English. There are four modules in IELTS
Listening: Test your ability to understand spoken language in a variety of social and academic contexts.
Reading: Test your ability to identify views and attitudes within a text. Good reading skills are vital assets.
Writing: We all are highly imaginative, creative and visionary but lack the right opportunity. We add vigor and freshness to the language, colour to the words which otherwise are weak, vague and overly general, thereby making the writing skills more impressive in style and content.
Speaking: Speaking is designed to allow you to demonstrate your oral Skills in a variety of situations. Today, effective communication skills are a pre-requisite for any individual venturing out to make a mark in this competitive world.
Management Training
We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as a premier organization offering training services to educational institutions, corporate sectors and individuals.
Management training, as everybody know is very effective when it comes to improving the productivity of the company, increasing efficiency of employees and also improving employees abilities.
Test your ability to identify views and attitudes within a text. Good reading skills are vital assets.
We are arranging training programs for teachers, corporate, marketing personnel's, hotel industry staff, nurses, housewives, entrepreneur women, banks personnel, call centers, sales staff, government department etc. Again we are also planning to make few good programs for other masses of our society.
Management development programs is an empowering self improvement In house training programms for industries for enhancing employees efficiency and effectiveness. It enable employees to achieve ' peak performance' through better working relationship, effective communication techniques and team building methods by providing them the necessary insights and complex Pshyclogical processes seen at workplace.
Personality Enhancement & Grooming Skills
Our personality development classes is not only about developing one's personality, but also training you in vital life skills such as leadership skills, goal setting, time management, stress management, anger management, decision making, creativity, training your senses, confidence building, interaction & communication skills. We help our students identify their goals, focus on them as well as maintain an open mind in their die-hard quest for success in life.
We train students to be more open, receptive, effective, loving and a better human being. Our personality development course is a one-of-a-kind course in India. Other personality development courses stress too much on immature topics & intense lecture sessions. We focus mainly on quality interaction & scientific methods of teaching. Our personality development course generates results! Students who join our public speaking & personality development courses will benefit handsomely in the future. We have many examples of ex-students getting lots of kudos & achieving many of their goals after completing our courses.
  • Develop a Better Memory.
  • Develop your Observation Skills
  • Acknowledge the Power of Silence.
  • Know the Positive Forces in Nature.
  • Control Your Moods effectively.
  • Understand "What Success really is?"
  • Realize the Laws of Success
  • Learn the Secrets of Long Life.
  • Learn Positive & Negative Body Language.
  • Develop a Healthy Self Image.
  • Make better First Impressions.
  • Remember Names more Easily.
  • Have better Grooming Skills.
  • Learn the Art of Conversations.
  • Master correct social mannerisms.
  • Control your Anger effectively.
  • Learn Secrets of Popular People
  • Conversation
  • Set your Goals in Life accurately.
  • Set Your Priorities right.
  • Manage your Time effectively.
  • Learn Secrets of Millionaires.
  • Harness your Mind Power
  • Tap into your Subconscious Mind.
  • Reduce Stress in your Life.
  • Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone.
  • Develop a Positive Attitude.
  • Understand Your Personality.
  • Know the Habits of Success.
  • Become a lot more Creative.
  • Learn to Think Laterally.
  • Learn to make Sound Decisions.
  • Use the Pareto Principle well.
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